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Thank you for visiting the Seoul Institute of Technology.

Established in March 2018, the Seoul Institute of Technology(SIT) is a research institute funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. At our institute, we conduct comprehensive and systematic research on various technology policies related to city administration. Innovation in technology has led to change and innovation of our society. Furthermore, innovation in mechanical, electrical, and IT area has made the industrial revolution possible and therefore, with the help of technological innovation, we also need to prepare and move forward in the future society, the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As the saying ‘The answer lies in the actual field‘ indicates, the success or failure of all policies ultimately depend on the field, and the problem is eventually a matter of technology. In this respect, we believe the mission and role of the Seoul Institute of Technology is of great importance. The Seoul Institute of Technology will act as a think tank based on research that is necessary for the policy formulation and implementation of the Seoul Metropolitan government.

Moreover, SIT aims to develop an innovative technology proposal platform that receives technology from the private sector and citizens at all times, to find out the best technology which will become field-applicable through validation testing. We hope this will eventually contribute to commercialization and job creation.

In addition, SIT plans to build an urban infrastructure management, Big Data system and intelligent neural network for the systematic and efficient management of urban infrastructure. In the future, SIT will contribute to safer and more convenient lives of citizens through systematic research related to the technology field of the City of Seoul`s administration. SIT will take the lead in enhancing citizens` safety and quality of life.

We look forward to your continued interest and encouragement.
Thank you.


President of the Seoul Institute of Technology

Insuck, Koh